disContent: One more week (and thanks!)

Just a quick note:

  • The extremely limited signed hardcover edition of disContent: The Complete Collection will continue to be on sale through March 31, 2011 (barring some astonishing circumstance in which 95 more copies sell before then!). There will not be a paperback edition, a partial collection or the appearance of more than a dozen or so of the 70-odd columns in C&I: It will simply vanish. Right now, the edition size looks to be “10 or fewer”–that’s a truly limited edition!
  • Thanks to the person or persons or library that just (sometime today) purchased a copy of disContent, a copy of But Still They Blog and, possibly for the first time other than my own copy, a print copy of Open Access and Libraries!
  • Still wondering whether there’s any market at all–even two copies each–for hardback/casebound versions of the annual Cites & Insights compilations, probably priced at $50 each.

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