Informal reader poll: One more chance

I’m extending another invitation to comment on possible foci for essays in the next couple of Cites & Insights issues.

I’ll probably start subdividing tags and, once I figure out what I want to focus on, printing “lead sheets” (the first page of posts–I find the print version enormously helpful in organizing and thinking about a topic), on Thursday or Friday (February 17 or 18).

Right now, the top tags in my Diigo account are:

  • gbs (Google Books Settlement): 195
  • ebooks 193
  • tqt (Trends & Quick Takes, a catchall): 119
  • blogging 101
  • ereaders 78 (and I’d guess most of these are also tagged ebooks)
  • socialnetworks 52 (but I’ve subdivided many of these)
  • deathbooks 43
  • sn-twitter 43
  • deathprint 38 (some of those also in deathbooks)
  • miw-service (a librarianship subdivision) 35

Copyright-related items are already split into 19 subdivisions (too many!), just as making it work is divided into 26 (arrgh) and social networks are divided into six.

Comments welcome, here or on the original post. (And yes, I’ll always spend some time shooting fish in barrels, mostly in “mbp”–My Back Pages, currently at 23–but also elsewhere.) If you’re wondering, I currently have 1,398 items tagged.

2 Responses to “Informal reader poll: One more chance”

  1. I’m not really interested much in rehashing yet again the death of books discussion, but “deathbooks” is my favorite tag of all time. OF ALL TIME. What is miw-service?

  2. walt says:

    “miw” is short for Making it Work, C&I’s overall tag for discussions of librarianship and libraries. So miw-service is items related to library service(s).

    Gaia knows, there are enough books about the End of Books to have an actual “deathbooksbooks” category, but as it is I’m just omitting the “of.”