The Zip Report: Andersonomics at Work

Just a quick note along the way as to how various forms of using Andersonomics to keep most of my content free are working out:

  • Number of copies of The Liblog Landscape 2007-2010 sold in last four weeks: Zero.
  • Number of copies of the signed limited-edition disContent: The Complete Collection sold in last eight weeks: Zero. [Number of weeks remaining: Six. Number of copies still available: 97.]
  • Amount of donations received via pay-what-it’s-worth links for Cites & Insights within the last eight months: Zero.
  • Oh, I forgot this one: You get great highly-paid speaking invitations when you give away good content. Number of speaking invitations within the last eight months (or number of paid/expenses-reimbursed invitations within the last 18 months): Zero.

Interest in doing more publicity posts to try to engender some interest in either of the two books: Zero.

Meanwhile, the proofs for my first traditionally-published book in eight years look really good… and yes, I’m working on some other book proposals for traditional publishers.

Belief in “freeconomics” as a reasonable way for a non-rockstar with a fairly strong readership to make content free and still make enough money to even pay for new versions of Office or annual website hosting: Zero.

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