Some milestones require celebration

Achieving the mark of the beast!

…and on a Sunday, too.

Actually, that’s the lowest Feedburner has shown for Walt at Random in months (it usually hovers between 800 and 960), so either Feedburner’s going through another periodic oscillation (which seems to happen) or there’s been a huge feed-cleaning among library folk going on recently.

(“Snipping Tool” in Windows 7, which I used here, is a really neat way to grab just a portion of a screen and save it without hassle…and yes, it’s part of Windows itself, not a download of any sort.)

2 Responses to “Some milestones require celebration”

  1. walt says:

    And, three days later, the Random number (which may be right on two counts) is 879, back to hovering between 800 and 960. But 666 was more fun. Meanwhile, apparently daily hits really haven’t varied much day-to-day.

  2. Truly says:

    One afternoon graffiti in a children’s book was brought to my attention. By the person who did the deed. Sweet and earnest, she was sure we could not possibly be comfortable with the 666 brand on the side of a steer in the book “Cowboys” by Glen Rounds. She had taken a Sharpie and turned the 666 into BBB. So charming, until I charged her the price of the book and a processing fee for damaging public property. Then things got interesting.