disContent: The book looks great!

I received my own copy of disContent: The Complete Collection yesterday (casebound books from Lulu take longer to produce than paperbacks).

It looks great! It’s a little unusual for a casebound 6×9 book, since it has a full wraparound color photo cover (even wrapping around to the insides just a little bit). I’m delighted with the cover, the quality of the print and the seeming quality of the binding itself.

While I get less than half the purchase price when you buy one of the remaining 98 copies, I’m counting the entire purchase price toward my informal “fund to keep on doing C&I and blog research” tally.

I think you’ll find the book not only a good product but a good read–and no essay’s very long, so it’s suitable for people with contemporary attention spans.

This issue of Cites & Insights includes the very last essay in the book. Here’s just the first paragraph of the very first essay in the book:

Have you been quoted out of context? It’s an infuriating aspect of writing, speaking, or sending e-mail—and it’s more infuriating when you’re quoted correctly. Yes, you wrote that string of words; no, you didn’t mean what’s implied in the new context in which your words appear.

For the rest of that, and one of the longer postscripts? You’ll have to buy the book.

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