Cites & Insights 10: 2010, Paperback Edition Available

The paperback version of Cites & Insights 10: 2010, is now available for purchase through Lulu.

The 419-page 8.5×11″ paperback includes all twelve issues, the indices, and an overall table of contents.

All print volumes of C&I are now priced at $50 paperback, $40 PDF, but there’s a 20% discount on all print volumes of C&I through the end of ALA Midwinter 2011, so that the paperback currently costs $40 and the PDF currently costs $32.

(No, I don’t expect to sell many copies; I produce these at least in part because it’s the easiest and cheapest way to have a high-quality bound volume for my own use. I think they’d be great for library school libraries and possibly collections on experimental publishing, but if I got even five sales for a given volume, I’d be astonished–and pleased.)

The cover is based on a photograph taken by Linda A. Driver off Moorea in 2001.

By the way: The non-issue that came out around Midwinter 2010 is not in this print volume. Given that it was entirely reprints and not widely circulated, I didn’t see the point in adding 50 pages to an already-thick volume and $1 to the production costs. Cites on a Plane 2007, an earlier non-issue, is exclusively available in the paperback version of volume 7.

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