More aggressive spamments

Just for fun, and in the absence of anything serious to say (hey, I’m 99% finished with a Real Book Project…), here’s some great stuff from today’s spamments:

  • “bullsh…” — that’s the total comment. Attached to “Blog country of origin: A crowdsource request.”
  • “Didn’t I read this EXACT SAME ARTICLE at another website yesterday? You know plagiarizing is a serious crime.” Wow. Just wow. Trying to get link love for an info site about mechanics in some community by leveling false (and, if signed–which it isn’t–slanderous) accusations. Attached to “One more crowdsource request: How many posts?” for which the odds of my having plagiarized somebody are absurdly high–unless somebody else was doing exactly the same liblog study and running into exactly the same problem. It’s unusual to have a spammer accuse you of unethical activity. (Plagiarism is only a “serious crime” if it involves copyright violation; otherwise it’s unethical, not criminal. Libel/slander: Now, that’s a serious crime…)
  • Something about obituary habits in Macedonia–with a link related to FarmVille, I think.
  • A long, long “comment” starting “Haha,” pushing a “free iPad” offer, with lots of Exclamation! Points! and a link to a URL…and since I’m! Such! A! Devoted Everything-Apple fan, how could I not wish to have this?
  • “I upright don’t see movies evolving. For me it’s same the old movies, without the integral discipline situation were more advisable. They had categories.” Not attached to an old-movie post. “Without the integral discipline situation were more advisable”–now, that’s language.
  • “Maybe someone can clarify something for me. I’m just not getting it!”–that’s a frequent spamment, in this case attached to “Mystery Collection Disc 17”–where there’s really nothing to get. Oh: Same message, same link, attached to “Stepping Back, Moving On.”

There was a prime one several times earlier in the weekend, saying nasty things about my writing (but in a context that made the spamminess clear), but I don’t save this stuff after scanning it. And, of course, there are the repeated complaints that the blog looks strange in some browser I’ve never heard of…

As usual, most spamments are pathetically transparent bits of praise for my magnificent writing style, the cleanliness of the template, the information I have that they couldn’t find anywhere…all very satisfying if it wasn’t spam.

Update Tuesday October 5

Items I couldn’t pass up:

  • Blake’s comment was trapped as spam…for an odd and recursive reason (apparently LISHost is on a blacklist, but this blog is on LISHost, therefore…)
  • Here’s one of today’s spamments, posted to “One more crowdsource request” and linking to a location-specific services directory. I kid you not, this is what it says: “Go screw yourself!!! I poured my heart out about my dog dying and you spam me. You are a lowlife that needs to crawl back into the hole you slittered out from!!!!!!” Whew.

One Response to “More aggressive spamments”

  1. Blake says:

    What’s really amazing is the obscure and seemingly pointless crap they are spamming. They’ve moved from the obvious to the silly. I’m hoping that means we’re doing a good job of blocking things at the server level now. (I’m avoiding naming “the obvious” because I know it won’t make it!)