To zero and beyond! A quick update

I thought I’d update this post.

Made you look? Maybe not?

We reached zero on the bidirectional PG&E electricity meter at around 3:30 p.m. today–so far, AC hasn’t kicked in despite it being the second really hot day in a row.

Well, actually we reached below zero–and found that our meter doesn’t display minus numbers. It went from 0 to a whole string of 9s. We assume PG&E knows what this means…

All in all, not bad for a system designed to replace 80% of our electricity, although at mid-November, the end of the first year (when we pay PG&E for any of their electricity we used), I’m sure it will be a positive number. Still, I’d guess we’ll wind up having generated 90% or more of our own power.

As to the rest of the items, the validity scan is long since done, the third draft of my book is done (with one more quick revision cycle left), and…well, I’m glad tomorrow’s supposed to be in the mid-90s instead of low-100s.

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