How many posts? New deadline and re-request

If you run a liblog or knows someone who does, and if you haven’t seen this post, I’d appreciate it if you could check the post and, if appropriate, respond by October 7, 2010.

This post is partly a re-request, partly a new deadline. Other projects are moving rapidly enough that I might be able to start data analysis on the liblog project on October 8, 2010; since most responses to a post come within the first week, I think it’s reasonable to change the original one-month deadline to a three-week deadline.

(For those not ready to click through, the request is for the total number of blog posts from a blog’s inception through May 31, 2010, for blogs on a list of 180-odd where I don’t already have that information.)


Update October 29, 2010: Comments closed, since the deadline has long since passed–and I’ve done this phase of the analysis.

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