Blog country of origin: A crowdsource request

Thanks to those who’ve submitted additional liblog candidates (keep ’em coming!).

Here’s another request, not worth any real effort on your part but one where you may know the answers offhand.

I’ve included “country of origin” this time around. In a few cases–surprisingly few, actually, 94 out of 1,276 (not including twenty-odd new candidates)–the country of origin is not obvious to me.

If you happen to know that information for one or more of these, could you let me know–that is, the name of the blog and where the writer or writers currently live (or lived when the blog was active). I am recording Wales and Scotland separately when that’s obvious, but “UK” works for less specific cases.

The List

A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette
Alexandrine Librarian
archival allure
At Home He’s a Tourist
Bibliotherapy for obsessive/compulsive Readers
Biblophilia in Black
Bigenarian Librarian
Brennan’s Blog on Libraries, Lexicons, and Life
Chez Shoes
Christopher Kupec’s Weblog
Crazy Library Shit
Creative Librarian
Do I really want to touch that with my hand?
Elly’s Weblog
Fear and Loathing in a Library
Fig Newtons and Scotch
frankenstein speaks
From the Library Universe
Gemini Moon
Gleaning Greatness: Hiring Library Leaders
Green and Gray Librarian
Hermes’ Neuticles
i read, i write, i shelve things
InfoCommons and Beyond
Interesting Pile
Lady Crumpet’s Armoire
Lethal Librarian
Liberry Blooze
Librarian Ire
Librarian of the Wastes
Librarians for Human Rights
Library clips
Library Finds
Library Links… Livin’ the Dream
Library Lovers’ LiveJournal
Library Pariah
Library Sherpa
Library toolbar
Linux Librarian
Matthew 2.0
Me and Mr. Dewey
Miss Information
Observations from the front line
On Google Scholar
Perks of Being a Librarian
Pinched Nerves
Print Matters
Reading Sarah
Sell It With Sizzle
Stephen Gallant Review
Talking Books Librarian
Teacher Librarian
Teen Zone Library Blog
The In Season Christian Librarian
The Nonny Librarians
The Society for Librarians Who Say…
The Vampire Librarian
The Video Game Librarian
this is a working library
Threnody for the Public Domain
Tiny Little Librarian
Tribulations of a Public Librarian
Twisted Librarian
walk like a librarian
wannabe librarian
World’s Strongest Librarian
Zen and the Art of Digression

Responses by October 1, 2010, please? (I’ll have another question, with a lot more blogs involved, before then.)


NOTE: These are not all the liblogs on my current list. These are the few for which I don’t (or didn’t) know the country of origin.

12 Responses to “Blog country of origin: A crowdsource request”

  1. Linux Librarian is based in Massachusetts.

  2. Larry Greenwood says:

    Two additional blogs for your list:

  3. Jane Fitzhugh says:

    I have a few more for your list:

    I’m pretty sure they’re all in the US.

  4. walt says:

    Jane: Thanks–but I already have all five of those on my list as being in the U.S. Please note: The short list in this post is only those blogs for which I don’t (or didn’t) know the country of origin–there are close to 1,200 other liblogs for which I do know the country.

  5. Jane Fitzhugh says:

    Sorry, that will teach this MLS student not to reply to something without reading it all the way through!

  6. walt says:

    Jane: No need to apologize, and no harm done–my response is mostly to forestall a lot of redundant effort from others. I will shortly be issuing a request where MLS students with a little time to spare could be particularly helpful, although there might be better uses of time…

  7. Hi Walt,
    I humbly submit my blog,, for your list. Focus is on help for libraries making in sustainable / green choices for their buildings, operations and programming. Based in the US.

  8. I’m from Indiana in the USA.

  9. walt says:

    Thanks! Keep ’em coming. (Rebekkah: That comment’s on the wrong post, but I’ll add it to the list of new candidates anyway.)

  10. vonjobi says:

    the owner of lives and works in canada =)

  11. walt says:

    von: Oops. That line shouldn’t have been in the list–I already had Canada. But it doesn’t hurt to have confirmation! Thanks.