Sometimes silence is a good thing

Why not many posts lately? For the same reason that the September Cites & Insights will be late and probably atypical.

Yes, I know, it’s impossible for a C&I issue to be atypical, since that would imply that there’s such a thing as a typical issue. Humor me here: Go read some C&Is that you’ve missed…

To wit, the Real Project for a Real Publisher is moving right along–I’m 2/3 of the way through the first draft, which isn’t too surprising since I have loads of source material, much of it already in good shape for inclusion. I hope to complete that first draft next week and let it sit for a week or so, before starting the tough road to a polished 2nd draft. (When the first draft is finished, I’ll probably turn to producing something that resembles a September C&I. Maybe.)

But I find that I can’t work on it full time–after a few hours, brain fatigue sets in. So I’m also continuing work on The Whole Liblog Landscape project (I need to come up with a suitable title one of these days, and consider whether I should submit that one to a Proper Publisher…)–harvesting (some) blogrolls (where there’s some reason to believe a fair percentage of links are library-related) and, simultaneously, picking up one new measure that’s easy to get in about 90% of blogs and could work with some other measures to provide some possibly interesting insights…or not.

That and, of course, other stuff–certain things having to do with turning 65 very soon, weekly hikes, planning possible trips (and unplanning some), reading, starting serious looking for a new TV…

One little note for some bloggers


  • You have a liblog (you’re a library person with a blog that’s not an official library blog, or you blog about library matters)
  • You check your usage statistics regularly
  • You look at pageviews
  • You see some 404s…attempts to view pages or archive sections that aren’t there

it may just be me. Not to worry: No harmful intent. And I’m charmed by the range of 404 messages (instead of 404 itself) provided in various WordPress templates…

Back to relative blog silence. Not that this blog has ever been all that prolific…

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