Open Access and Libraries: Any takers?

I have a request. It’s a simple one.

If you’ve downloaded the free collection of OA-related essays from Cites & Insights, Open Access and Libraries: Essays from Cites & Insights 2001-2009, could you let me know?

Either a comment here or a quick email to waltcrawford at gmail dot com would suffice.

Here’s the thing: Because the PDF is free, it doesn’t show up in Lulu sales records–so I have no way of knowing how many times it’s been downloaded or, indeed, whether it’s ever been downloaded.

One paperback copy has been sold. That’s fine with me–while I find the paperback version enormously convenient, it’s also unindexed, unedited, and has essentially no new content. You’ll notice how strongly I’ve been pushing it: It’s not even featured at the bottom of this blog page.

For that matter, I don’t really know how often the ePub versions at, referred to in various earlier posts, have been downloaded. Prior to mid-May, the draft PDF had 155 downloads and the various ePub trials had been viewed anywhere from 60 to 304 times, but I’ve lost track since then…

Update: I’ve now regained track. Since January 1, the draft PDF has had 155 downloads (clearly, none of them coming after May 15!). The ePub version that’s still available, oal.epub, has been viewed/downloaded 136 times. The rtf-to-epub version was viewed/downloaded 78 times, the pdf-to-epub version 104 times, and the html-to-epub version 304 times. Hmm. Chances are, only oal.epub has been available since mid-May.

This is just curiosity. Not entirely idle curiosity. (No, I’m not thinking of charging for the PDF or raising the book price–and I can’t really lower the book price more than $1 or so, since everything else is production charges for the hefty 513-page paperback.)


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