Liblogs: What am I missing?

I’ve done all the scanning I’m planning to do, looking for liblogs (that is, blogs by library people, as opposed to official library blogs). I’ve found 1,277 liblogs, and checked and excluded another 1,308 things that aren’t liblogs.

It’s Your Turn

I know I’m not going to get everything. That became fairly clear when, on checking 83 possibilities from eight blogrolls added while checking mostly-defunct liblogs, I came up with 31 legitimate liblogs…

I also know I’m not going to go through any more iterations.

So: If you know of liblogs I haven’t included, you’re invited to let me know between now and September 15, 2010.

What’s a liblog?

For the purposes of the current project, the most inclusive I’ve done, here are the criteria:

  • The blog must be available on the web without using passwords or special permissions.
  • Most posts in the blog must be in English.
  • There must be at least one post prior to June 1, 2010 (that is, no later than May 31, 2010).
  • The blog should be by a self-identified “library person” or group of people, not explicitly identified as not at all relating to libraries, or somehow related to libraries…but:
  • The blog should not be an “official blog” from a library or a library-related group. (If you’re in doubt, include it.)

Please, Before Submitting Any Candidates…

  • Check this pageLiblogs 2010 (with exclusions) — DRAFT. Use your browser’s Find function to check the name. (The list is in alphabetic order, but it’s idiot alpha order, with a few “A ” entries and a lot of “The ” entries. And, of course, cute punctuation can change sorting.)
  • [Added 8/31/10:] If you see a blog twice, under a current name and an old name, that’s OK: In order to maintain my sanity while checking candidates, I include older names of renamed blogs in the exclusions list, under the “Renamed” category. There are 115 older names in the list as of now.

If You Have Candidates…

  • Add a comment, with the blog name and URL–but give the URL as text, not as a link (omit the http://), and don’t combine the blog name with a link. (Why not? Because, particularly if you have more than one, it will cause Spam Karma 2 to flag it as spam–and with more than 100 spamments today, I’m not sure I’ll be able to sort through all the spam looking for legit posts.)
  • Or send me email, waltcrawford at gmail dot com, using the same rules.

Sending candidates doesn’t guarantee they’ll be included–and since this project won’t involve blog profiles, it may not matter as much. Still, it will almost certainly be the most comprehensive look at English-language liblogs ever done, so it wouldn’t hurt…

Thanks. Now back to the Open Access project (and dealing with a keyed car, and, and, and…)

Postscript, September 16, 2010:

I’ve turned off comments, since it’s now past September 15, 2010.

Between comments here and direct email, and excluding blogs that obviously didn’t fit my criteria, I received 33 candidates. Of those, 25 met the criteria and have been added to the study, bringing the new total to 1,296 liblogs (that includes one more blog, noted in a response to another post, that had one single post some years back…). Six of the candidates are too new, having begun in June, July or August 2010. One is an official blog. And one just doesn’t seem to be there.


23 Responses to “Liblogs: What am I missing?”

  1. My blog on children’s services in libraries!

  2. I’m a librarian who runs a blog about the writing life and its connection to libraries and information today, so I’d like to nominate my blog for your collection. It’s called Scribo Ergo Sum and it’s at

  3. Spurious Tuples: (Name and tagline don’t explicitly identify it as a liblog, but the About page does.)

  4. Two spring to mind which aren’t on the list, my blog misses out on the deadline by one day 🙁 But here’s something for the list: Ange Fitzpatrick,

  5. Elizabeth L. says:

    You have my blog on there twice. The Adventures of an Unemployed Librarian changed it’s name (but not its URL) to The Adventures of a Newly Employed Librarian.

  6. walt says:

    Thanks all (so far); keep ’em coming. A couple of notes:

    Elizabeth L.: In fact, your blog is only there once–but the old name is one of the 1,308 exclusions, in the “renamed” category, along with 114 other known cases. I track those so I don’t keep looking up the renamed blogs over and over as I encounter them in blogrolls… And, of course, belated congratulations on the job.

    Girl in the Moon: This study only covers through May 31. I already have four “new” blogs in the exclusions list (blogs that are liblogs but that began in June-August 2010); if I do another study next year, I’ll be picking up others.

  7. Greg Lambert says:

    3 Geeks & a Law Blog –

    A law blog addressing the foci of 3 intrepid law geeks, specializing in
    their respective fields of knowledge management, internet marketing
    and library sciences, melding together to form the Dynamic Trio.

  8. Emily W. says:

    My blog:

    I did migrate from Blogger to WordPress after your deadline, not sure if that matters.

    It’s also not very popular, I don’t think my mom even reads it, to tell the truth.

  9. walt says:

    No, migration doesn’t count as a new blog (and since it was on Blogger before June 1, it would be eligible in any case). Thanks (both). I’ll add them to the candidates list.

    Because this study won’t involve blog profiles–and probably won’t yield a public list with URLs–“popularity” only influences which of the four groups a blog falls into.

    Hey, my wife, the actual [retired] librarian in the household, doesn’t read this blog (or any others), so…

  10. Michael Knee says:

    Science Resources

  11. I’d like to nominate my blog for inclusion/consideration as well. It’s called Heatherbrarian, and is located at

  12. I may as well add my blog to the list:

    The Zeds –


  13. Sue says:

    You may have missed mine as my posting has been intermittent especially last year – any way

  14. Amanda says:

    My blog where I discuss getting my MSLIS, among other things.

  15. Steve Kemple says:

    I understand if this doesn’t qualify, as I started it in July when I started on my MLIS at Kent State.

  16. Watson says:

    I humbly submit Lagomorph Watson, the blog of a student in a library technician program in Canada. I started it almost a year ago when I was taking my first Introduction to Library Science night course at the college. I’m not any kind of official library worker, though.

    Thanks for your time!

  17. nicole says:

    my blog covers book reviews across genres, library advocacy, conference reviews and juvenile services issues.

  18. walt says:

    Thanks–and a few more days for more candidates.

  19. Hi,
    Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation has five blogs which have been running for about two years. They are: for book reviews, author news, events and more for adult readers. for teens is our parternship blog with the Melbourne Football Club to get primary school-age kids fired up about reading and writing. throws light on days gone by in our region. is our corporate blog for all the latest library news.
    Check ’em out!

  20. walt says:

    I rescued Debra’s comment from Spam Karma (with five links, it was headed straight there)…but I should note that all five of these are official library blogs. Oddly enough, there was a Casey-Cardinia blog in the Public Library Blogs project (which was never repeated thanks to the silence with which it was greeted)…but not any of these five.

  21. Erin says:

    Social media and libraries:

  22. Site Unseen says:

    1 post on May 30, 2007 — seems to fit your criteria — “what’s up at…” I used to know this guy. I’ll let him know.