Truly peculiar spamments

I’m not going to do the Spam Comment of the Day (with 40+ each day to choose from, it would be one way to have lots of posts, but not a great one)…but sometimes, well…

  • Someone trying to build linklove for a comic-book site says “I’m damned relieve that they dropped ed norton. What a pompous $#. Time for a new hulk.” That’s a comment on “But Still They Blog: Four more profiles and a rationale.”
  • Someone else–no, make that three people in a row–all tell me “I’m going golfing! It was way to nice out to be in the office all afternoon.” No, Will Manley wasn’t one of them–he doesn’t go to an office and he knows the difference between “too” and “to.” These three “people,” all with different names, UK email addresses, and different golf thingies they want to sell, responded to “Does every librarian need to be an involved expert on everything?”
  • And here’s the killer–the reverse compliment: “This post is useless without pics :)” – somebody trying to get me to watch online episodes of a TV show I have no interest in.

Procrastinating? What an accusation! (I can say this: There really weren’t many liblog directories in the LibWorld book. Since another task ran short, I did pick up one or two, plus the old Libdex directory and something else, for a candidate pool of 681 blogs, which yields 275 actual candidates. I’m pretty sure 2/3 of them are Iranian blogs in Farsi or other scripts; if that’s true, it will be a very fast scan. When I get around to it.)

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