August 2010 Cites & Insights Available

Cites & Insights 10:9, August 2010, is now available.

The 34-page issue (PDF as usual, but HTML versions of each article are available–the article titles are links) includes:

Perspective: On Social Media and Social Networks pp. 1-10

I no longer believe “Social Media” names anything real–or at least not anything interesting (except to marketers). That’s the “tl;dr” version. I think the longer version is worth reading.

The CD-ROM Project pp. 10-13

It’s crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide, which may be all I really need to say about the first of three CD-ROMs reviewed here–in this case, a seven-CD set that works very well.

Perspective: On Words, Meaning and Context pp. 13-18

Do you own your words? If people feel free to moonwalk away from what they say, is it possible to have useful discussions?

Making it Work pp. 18-26

It’s summertime (for most but certainly not all C&I readers), and that seems like a good time to deal with some miscellaneous items–sort of a reversion to the old “The Library Stuff” sections. I discuss a baker’s dozen worth of posts and library-related discussions.

Trends & Quick Takes pp. 26-30

More miscellany–this time including four mini-perspectives and nine quicker takes.

This issue has no sponsorship (other than those of you who choose to sponsor it). You’re likely to see a longer gap before the next (September 2010) issue, for various reasons… Meanwhile, enjoy what’s here.

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