Cites & Insights 10:6 Now Available

Cites & Insights 10:6, May 2010, is now available at

The 32-page issue, PDF as usual, consists of two essays, each available separately in HTML form (click on the essay title):

Making it Work – Generations (pp. 1-11)

Lots of commentary about generation generalizations (gengen) and lots of commentary full of gengen–plus some discussions of cases where age, technology and culture really may interact.

Old Media/New Media (pp. 11-32)

Yes, it’s been almost two years; no, I didn’t give up on this theme. This roundup comes in three parts: Media in general (and specific media other than books, magazines and newspapers); magazines and periodicals (which are overlapping, not concentric, circles); and newspapers.

This issue is sponsored by the Library Society of the World, a sponsorship that will continue through June or July…after which, I’m very much looking for sponsorship.

Regular readers of Walt at Random may have noticed that I reviewed the final disc in the five-disc Spaghetti Westerns set. So why isn’t there an Offtopic Perspective in this issue? Because I wanted two “real” perspectives and didn’t want a 40-page issue…look for it in a later issue.

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