Old Flicks: What’s Next?

In a couple of weeks–or, realistically, roughly a month–I’ll have a decision to make.

Not an earth-shattering one, which makes talking about it more fun.

Namely: After I watch the fourth movie on Disc 9 of the 250-movie/60-disc Mystery Collection, which I’ll do tomorrow or Thursday, I’ll watch the four movies on the fifth and final disc of the Spaghetti Western 20-movie pack (which was a freebie). I normally watch two old flicks a week, so after two weeks, I’ll go back to Disc 10 of the Mystery Collection.

The question is, after that disc, what’s next? Which set do I alternate with the Mystery Collection?

Between freebies and ones I’ve purchased, I have six choices–four 50-movie Packs, two much smaller sets.

I’m nearly certain I won’t choose one of these two after Spaghetti Westerns:

  • Mean Guns: The Time to Die Collection–another 20-pack (and another freebie), with a mix of Spaghetti and other westerns (and, unfortunately, another copy of the regrettable God’s Gun). Four movies B&W, 16 color; three from the 1930s, one from the ’40s, six from the ’60s, 9 from the ’70s, one from the ’80s. Three repeats.
  • Gunslinger Classics 50-Movie Pack: An interesting mix of old westerns (including some of the singing cowboys) and more modern flicks. 31 Color, 19 B&W. 15 from the 1930s, 5 from the 40s, 2 from the 50s, 9 from the 60s, 17 from the 70s, one each from the 80s and 90s. Seven repeats–but several more are repeated in Mean Guns. (Yes, yet another copy of God’s Gun.)

Much as I like the old westerns and more than a few of the modern ones, those can both wait a year… Which means the choice is probably one of these four:

  • Shirley Temple Smiles and Curls Collection (a freebie): Two DVDs–one with three features, one with 11 shorts. One feature is in color. All are from the 1930s.
  • Legends of Horror 50-Movie Pack (another freebie): An oddly-titled set, since it includes all of the movies in the Alfred Hitchcock 20-pack, almost none of which are horror films. Of the 30 others, 11 are in color, 19 B&W; 9 are from the 30s, 5 from the 40s, 3 from the 50s, 4 from the 60s, 9 from the 70s. There’s actually some good stuff here, although I’m not particularly a horror buff.
  • Comedy Kings 50-Movie Pack: Six color, 44 B&W, six that I’ve already seen. One from the 1920s, 22 from the 1930s, 18 from the 1940s, 8 from the 50s, one from the 60s.
  • Box Office Gold 50-Movie Pack (on 13 DVDs): All color. One from the 1950s, two from the 1960s, 26 from the 1970s, 21 from the 1980s. One that I’ve already seen. Lots of big-name stars. If this seems implausible, well, it’s another set of TV movies. (Remember TV movies?)

Heck, I could leave it up to “my two readers” (yes, I know better, as I suspect do most other libloggers who use that particular bit of false modesty): Whichever set gets the most votes in comments is the one I’ll watch first. OK, I’ll do that…but voting is only from among the four sets in the second group of bullets. And, as usual, spam is not accepted.

7 Responses to “Old Flicks: What’s Next?”

  1. John Dupuis says:

    I’d go for the horror flicks, but that’s just me. I love old horror flicks, the cheesier the better.

  2. Jim says:

    Horror! I did my thesis on horror fiction with a side project on horror film. It was a fun project with many nights of triple-feature monsters and mayhem. (those movies are usually better with the MST3K robots making snarky comments, though).

  3. I’d do them in the order that they are listed. You start off light and fluffy with Shirley, get a whole change of pace with the horror, move back to light with the comedy, and wind up with a general potpourri. That seems like pacing and variety….enjoy!

  4. Bob Watson says:

    Wow. I know that I couldn’t *plan* my movie watching so far in advance … but if I had a couple hours open I’d likely choose a comedy.

  5. walt says:

    Bob: Well, this is part of an ongoing process–what used to be my “staying on the treadmill” routine (before we got rid of the treadmill, replaced by daily walks). *Real* movie watching (Netflix) is a little different.

    Interesting start. Notably, Mill Creek has a *lot* of horror sets–“Chilling” 50 Movie Pack, “Horror Classics”–both a 50-movie pack and a 100-movie pack, “Nightmare Worlds” (more scifi/horror) 50-movie pack and some 20-movie packs. (As for cheesy, SciFi Classics was a *great* set–and also has some really interesting flicks in it.)

    More comments? Different views? (Am I really up to Shirley Temple?)

  6. Angel says:

    I would probably go for the horror, but that’s because it is what I like. I liked Mr. Golrick’s idea of just going in order, so you alternate what you watch. Or maybe just pick first the package with the least amount of movies you have seen already.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  7. walt says:

    The horror, the horror!

    Maybe I should clarify one thing: Whatever I pick, I’ll be alternating with the Mystery Collection–and with 51 more discs to go in that set, that will be true for all four of the collections. (One disc of mysteries, one disc of whatever else, and so on.) And, unless it appears that it’s a different-quality print, I don’t re-watch movies I’ve already seen, which means the Legends of Horror set is effectively a 30-movie set for me.