Cites & Insights 10:4 (April 2010) now available

Cites & Insights 10:4 (April 2010) is now available at

The 30-page issue is a PDF print-over-the-web publication, as usual, although three of the four essays are also available in HTML form (the article titles are links). As always, My Back Pages is a PDF-only bonus.

This issue includes:

Perspective: On Disconnecting and Reconnecting (pp. 1-9)

Can you turn off all your “connecting” devices for an hour, a day, a week? Should you? A number of librarians and others discuss the virtues of disconnecting from virtual life once in a while–and maybe reconnecting with ourselves, nature and our real-world friends.

Trends & Quick Takes (pp. 9-16)

The good old days that never were, blaming the user for bad survey design, the difference between production tools and creative talent, checklists for writing and publishing–and ten quicker takes on an even wider range of topics.

Making it Work: Thinking about Blogging 5: Closing the Loop

The close of this four-part series (there was no Thinking about Blogging 3), on how we should blog–and notes on some impressive blog research, miscellaneous issues, and a brief threnody on a dead blog.

My Back Pages

Nine little essays on topics as diverse as crackpot physics, how to get diners to spend more, stretching “obsolete” past its limits–and powering a 600-watt device with a 2.5-watt source!

One Response to “Cites & Insights 10:4 (April 2010) now available”

  1. Bob Watson says:

    Nice issue. My take on “physical media” is that not enough people have experienced a loss of their “virtual” electronic media yet. It can happen, hence it likely will happen.

    Or maybe they haven’t yet figured out what their favorites actually are.