Advertising against freshness? Really?

I just saw the same ad twice in today’s paper–once in the national “magazine” as a full-page ad, once elsewhere.

From Del Monte.

Urging people to avoid fresh fruit in favor of canned fruit.

Because, you know, that fresh fruit might go bad, and there’s another dollar down the drain. Where with canned, you get all that wonderful goodness with no chance of spoilage…

I honestly don’t know what to say. Well, I do, but this is a polite blog, so…

[I had an organic navel orange for dessert with lunch, grown less than 50 miles from here. I had organic grapefruit, from the same ranch, with breakfast–so sweet it was like lemonade. Both purchased from the grower at yesterday’s farmer’s market. Tell me to eat canned fruit instead? Right… Now, if decent fresh fruit simply isn’t available, or it has to be flown halfway around the world, that’s one thing–but as a general argument, Del Monte should be ashamed of itself.]

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