Liblogger subtypes and countries: There for a price

The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 includes a table showing bloggers by affiliation (22 of them) and another showing non-U.S. bloggers by nation (18). There’s also a table categorizing blog authorship: Full name, partial name, pseudonym, unsigned, or group blog.

Chapter 9 of that book includes discussions of 12 subcategories with at least 10 blogs (hmm: the chapter says 15, but in fact there are 12 discussions), showing how the subgroups differ from the universe of blogs in the book.

This time around, for But Still They Blog: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2009, I didn’t categorize blogs and bloggers by authorship, country or affiliation–partly because I didn’t really find the subgroups particularly informative, partly because “affiliation” is a tricky, multifaceted, overlapping thing.

But if there’s a demand…

One correspondent has suggested that it would be useful to have subgroup data. And where there’s a need, there’s a way…

Namely: If you want a comparison of a subgroup of blogs with the universe of blogs in But Still They Blog: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2009, I’d be happy to oblige.

For a price.

It takes time to do such comparisons, and I don’t expect that sales of this book will be enormously larger than for the earlier one.

Here’s the deal…

If you desire a subgroup comparison against the universe of 521 liblogs in the book:

  • You send me the list of liblogs and the name you want for the subgroup.
  • You send me a phrase from the book that tells me you’ve purchased a copy–I’ll respond to your initial email with a page, paragraph and sentence number.
  • You pay, in advance, a sum for the work I do in preparing the comparison and sending you a PDF (or, if you prefer, a Word .docx file or, without narrative, an Excel .xslx file) of the results, as follows:
  1. $250 for up to 10 blogs that are already in the book.
  2. $20 per additional blog that’s already in the book.
  3. $50 per blog that is not already in the book (that is, $70 per additional blog), since I’ll need to develop the metrics for those blogs.
  • So if you had a group of 15 blogs, 13 of which were already in the universe of 521, the price would be $250 + $60 + $140, or $450 total.

Not holding my breath

Do I expect to get lots of takers? No, but it’s a fair price for the work involved.

Do I expect to get any takers? See the subhead immediately above.

Re comments: A few of you may have seen a critical comment here–albeit one that doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s gone now, not because it was critical but because it was spam, with a link leading to a commercial site.

I’m not sure why a spammer would go out of their way to be hostile to the blogger they’re trying to spam, but I can see the possibility of claiming “Look! He’s censoring negative comments!” Not so.

2 Responses to “Liblogger subtypes and countries: There for a price”

  1. Steven Kaye says:

    That’s what I like about you, Walt, your unbridled optimism. Let me see how many corporate librarian blogs I can dig up (not legal or medical) and I’ll get back to you.

  2. walt says:

    Steven: I am an optimist, in fact–otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with the new edition at all. But I’m also a realist.