Cites & Insights 9:12 (November 2009) now available

Yes, I know it’s pretty early in October for the November issue–but it’s ready, and I wanted to stay well out of the way of Open Access Week, so…

Cites & Insights 9:12 (November 2009) is now available

This 34-page issue (PDF as usual, but an HTML version is available if you plan to read it online) consists of one essay:

Library Access to Scholarship

A year’s worth of source material and commentary, organized into:
Mandates, Policies and Compacts
The Colors of OA
Framing and Mysteries
The Problem(s) with Green OA
Quality, Value and Progress

Chances are, this is the last hurrah for Library Access to Scholarship and my semi-active independent commentary on open access. To coin a phrase, this may be the optimal and inevitable conclusion to close to a decade of work in this area.

One note (repeated at the start of the HTML version): Please don’t use the HTML version if you plan to print more than a small portion of the essay. The PDF issue prints out as 34 pages. Depending on your browser and other settings, the HTML version will require 48 to 51 pages, possibly more. (I happen to think the PDF version is a lot more readable as well, but that’s probably only true if you’re reading in print–which is why I make the HTML version available.)

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