Cites & Insights 9:9 (August 2009) now available

Cites & Insights 9:9 (August 2009) is now available–just in time for the 2009 ALA Annual Conference. That’s not a coincidence, to be sure; although the issue may not be directly relevant to the conference, if I didn’t publish it now, it wouldn’t be out until at least July 19.

This one’s 32 pages, PDF as usual, but those who detest PDF or otherwise really need HTML can download the three articles separately.

The issue includes:

Perspective: Writing about Reading 3

The theme for this installment: Rethinking books and rethinking reading. Which means most of the long essay is about ebooks and ebook devices. (How long? A little more than half the issue, that’s how long.)

Offtopic Perspective: 50 Movie Comedy Classics, Part 1

What’s funny is generally in the eye of the beholder, although I suppose there may be objective criteria for labeling a flick a comedy. Watching the many early shorts and early movies in this first half of a 12-DVD collection was sometimes hilarious, frequently a little painful. (If I never see another East Side Kids “comedy” that will be just fine with me.) There’s some gold here–and some dross as well.

Making it Work: Library 2.0 Revisited

A large handful of items spread out over almost two years–very much a once over lightly. (Yes, Library 2.0 and “Library 2.0” continues to be downloaded almost as often as any current issue. $0.25 for each copy downloaded would nicely cover sponsorship for the next 18 months…)

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