Preliminary ALA schedule

I’m putting this on Walt, Even Randomer because I assume most library subscribers are likely to have this—and it’s wholly irrelevant to the non-library folks who read ScienceBlogs blogs.

If you want to get together, suggest a meal, invite me to a reception, whatever, it’s possible: Send me email (waltcrawford at gmail dot com).

Boldface items are mandatory or highly probable, underlined probable (for work reasons), any others entirely optional.

Friday, July 10

American 828, SJC 7:25 a.m.-O’Hare 1:35 p.m.

Hotel: Chicago Hilton, 312-922-4400

No specific plans at this point.

Saturday, July 11

  • 8-10: LITA IG and Committee chairs, Palmer House, Grand BR
  • 10:30-12: Targeted marketing (PLA): MCP W-190b
  • 1:30-3: LITA Publications Committee, Palmer House, Indiana Room
  • 3:30-5:30: Leadership development in transition (ALCTS): MCP W-196a

Sunday, July 12

  • Listening to the customer: MCP W-179
  • 10:30-noon: Our town, common ground: Academic libraries’ collaboration with public libraries – Hilton Williford
  • 3-4: LITA awards reception, Intercontinental, Empire
  • 3:30-5:30: The future is now: Planning & staffing for change (PLA) – MCP W-180
  • 5:30-8: OCLC bloggers salon, Hilton, Boulevard Room C (2nd floor)

Monday, July 13

  • 8-10: Finding the leader within you (AASL) – MCP W-175b/c
  • 1:30-3: Leading the way: PLA fellows… – MCP W-175b/c

Tuesday, July 14

American 309, O’Hare 10:05 a.m.-San Jose 12:35 p.m.

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