My Back Pages: The C&I Version of Friday Fun

I’m not snarky by nature. Really I’m not.
Or, well, I’m recognizing that pure snark rarely improves a situation, and trying to reduce the amount of it within the e-zine. I got rid of one running section that was always negative by nature, just because it was always negative by nature.
But sometimes, just for a little while, I like to have a little fun with what I see as excesses. That section is My Back Pages, and like many other “last page” features it’s not intended to be taken too seriously. That section is also a “PDF bonus”–I don’t make it available as a separate HTML section.
The July 2009 Cites & Insights ends with six little items in My Back Pages–and, uniquely, I’ve already received feedback (and pushback) on one of them, a commenter who takes me to task for questioning some of the statements in PC World‘s “FuturTech” article last December. That reply might make it into a future issue (I used to have Feedback and Followup sections fairly often, but there hasn’t been as much feedback lately and followups usually emerge as separate essays), probably with a little pushback of my own.
I don’t think there’s much point in summarizing the six little pieces. They are, after all, there mostly for fun.
And that’s it for the current Cites & Insights.

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