Cites & Insights 9:8 (July 2009) available

Cites & Insights 9:8 (July 2009) has just been published.

The 30-page issue, PDF as usual but with HTML versions of most essays, includes:

Bibs & Blather

Notes on sponsorship for C&I, the status of four possible future projects–and the move of Walt at Random to ScienceBlogs.

Making it Work Perspective: Thinking about Blogging 2: Why We Blog

Continuing the discussion of blogging philosophy and practice that began in Cites & Insights 9:5 with a focus on reasons for blogging.

Interesting & Peculiar Products

Seven individual items and technologies, plus eight editors’ choices and group reviews. From high-def Bluetooth to whether you can call a $1,500 computer a netbook…

Perspective: On Privatization

Musings on whether Charles Dodgson had the proper theory of language (as stated by his character, noted wordsmith H. Dumpty), plus unaltered copies of the two blog posts (and most of the comments) at issue.

Trends & Quick Takes

Three trendy items: Myths and limits, “They are not your friends” and the world of plentiful bandwidth.

My Back Pages

Nine little items on nine less serious topics; as usual, this one’s a bonus for those who download the issue.

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