Not here and a cheer

Not here:

While we’re entirely in Livermore now (having dropped off the last keys on Sunday), we still don’t have DSL…so have had no email or other Internet access since last Wednesday.

I hope it’s resolved today, but meanwhile, if FF folks or others are wondering about lack of response, that’s why.

And a cheer:

For public libraries in general and Livermore Public Library in particular–since that’s where I’m typing this, at one of more than a dozen four-person tables with power outlets and robust Wi-Fi. In a big, gorgeous (as a library, not as a Supreme Architectural Statement), heavily used library (I also just got a library card).

Back at work, on FF, “here” and–I think–doing original writing just as soon as I have DSL…


Fixed. The latest technician said they’d replaced equipment at the central office, tested our house, tracked back to a midway point, tested again, did some rewiring… and, vitally, said along the way “I’m not leaving until this works.”

Which it does, now. I have to say that this person’s attitude toward technical support is what I’m used to from AT&T, and why we’re not running away from it…

So, now, tomorrow I start catching up with LLN work, a few hundred blog posts, a few dozen FF messages (you can only go so far back)…and, real soon, some original writing.

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