Cites & Insights 9:7 (June 2009) now available

Cites & Insights 9:7 (June 2009) is now available.

The 48-page issue is only available in PDF form (it includes 16 graphs and more than 60 tables, and it just wasn’t worthwhile to generate the HTML version, which would also probably run 65-80 pages).

It’s another special issue:

The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look

Chapters 1 through 11 of the book of the same name, complete (except for chapter numbers and one secondary column in a few tables). It’s the equivalent of 121 book pages.

The book continues to be available. (First link: Lulu version. Second: Amazon version, with ISBN.) The book includes

  • Larger, easier-to-read graphs (30% wider, 30% taller).
  • One extra data column in some tables (a data column that just could not be squeezed into the narrower column width of C&I, even by reducing type size)
  • Larger type for all tables
  • And, to be sure, Chapter 12, Liblog Profiles–147 pages containing 607 individual liblog profiles. The book also has an index of blog titles and authors.

If Andersonomics really works, a bunch of you will rush out to order the book after you’ve been enticed with this free version…

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