Generally positive, mildly aroused

Dave Pattern has more fun with blogs and library data than anyone else I know–and he shares the results.

You’ve probably heard of HotStuff 2.0 before, and Pattern’s remarkable Hot or Not list. (I included a chart of this blog’s heat on my 4th anniversary post. My “heat” continues to bounce like a SuperBall in the Grand Canyon, but I’m not tracking it over time.)

Now Pattern’s got another one–“the emotional content of librar* blogs.

What a concept! (Thanks to Peter Murray–DLTJ, that is–for noting this. For some reason, HS2.0 disappeared from my blogroll. It’s back now.)

Walt at Random emotional analysis

Walt at Random emotional analysis

So what does this say? The little red x and most of the blogs are to the right of center, indicating positivity…and, by and large, they’re roughly midway vertically (some a little above, some a little below), indicating a moderate amount of emotional strength. Not quite “meh” but hardly “Wow!”

Sounds about right. (You can also find a blog cloud for recent posts on the HotStuff 2.0 page for this blog.)

And, just for fun, the “Word of the Day” for today–April 21, 2009–is “walt.” (OK, only two of the four highlighted posts have anything to do with me, and one of those two is pretty indirect. The others relate to slightly, just slightly more prominent Walts: Whitman and Kelly. No Disney today?)

The cosmic significance of all this? Right up there with the phrase generators that Pattern has previously unleashed upon the world…specifically, The Library 2.0 Idea Generator and The Library 2.0 Equation Generator. Go to Pattern’s blog, “Self-plagiarism is style” (the quotes are part of the name, which is loads of laughs when sorting a spreadsheet full of blog names) for more.

Oh…and your little dog Toto, too.

PS (added 4/23/09): Never one to miss a bet, Pattern has now provided the ultimate justification for Twitter.

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  1. I’m trying not to get too emotional about this….