Cites & Insights 9:6 (May 2009) available

Cites & Insights 9:6, May 2009, is now available.

The 28-page issue is PDF as usual, although HTML separates are available for most essays (from the links below).

This issue includes:

Bibs & Blather

Two million and counting: Notes on the first two million words of C&I, including the most widely-read issues (or, rather, “what I know about readership except for the first two years”) and most widely-read essays since 2004. Also a note on one “why” for the two major essays–the other “why” being life changes getting in the way of original essays.

Public Library Blogs

Most of the first 65 pages of Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples, excluding some overall lists of included blogs and the individual blog profiles. If the gurus of Andersonomics are right, this free access to most of the overall text will inspire lots of you to go buy the print book… If not, at least the study will get a lot more readership.

Academic Library Blogs

Most of the first 62 pages of Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples, excluding individual blog profiles and one section that’s an exact duplicate of the same section in Public Library Blogs. What I said above, but more so.

My Back Pages

Three brief commentaries.

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