Cites & Insights 9:5 available

Cites & Insights 9:5, April 2009, is now available.

The 32-page issue is PDF as usual, with HTML versions (such as they are) for each essay available via the links below.

The issue includes:

Making it Work Perspective: Thinking about Blogging: 1

Do comments make a blog a blog? Is the “blogosphere” imploding? Have conversations moved elsewhere? And some offhand notes about blogs as a median medium, in an “interesting sweet spot in a casual media hierarchy of length, thought and formality.”

Perspective: Writing about Reading 2

Ignoring the Death of Serious Reading, which is as specious as the Death of Blogs, the Death of Print Media and even (in my opinion) the Sudden Death of Newspapers, we look at some other reading-related topics: Aliteracy and Online and Print Reading. A third topic somehow moved over into…

Library Access to Scholarship

The Death of Journals (Film at 11). That’s the overall title, and no, I don’t believe journals are nearing sudden death either…but the topics this time around do relate to journals: Are print journals obsolete? Should professional journals evolve into blogs?

Net Media: Beyond Wikipedia

It’s not about Wikipedia–or maybe it’s (indirectly) all about Wikipedia. After some questions as to why so many people seem to love monopolies so much, there’s a bunch of Knol knotes and some catching up with Citizendium–and a few brief notes on Wikia (which is not Wikipedia).

And that’s it for April.

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