All quiet and a helpful hint

If you were wondering whether I’d dropped entirely off the edge of the earth (landing, with luck, on one of the four elephants, not falling all the way through to the giant turtle…)

No. On the other hand, blogging has been slow (really?) and is likely to remain that way.

See, we’re getting our house painted–the interior, by the same people who did the exterior a year or two ago.

So I’ve spent much of my spare time the past two weeks, and we both spent all of our time (spare or otherwise) this last weekend getting ready to have the interior painted. It’s a lot like getting ready to move. (And if we’ve figured it out right–a huge “if”–it will take us 1/3 of the way toward the real thing, if & when we move…)

(We’re also having a lot of other stuff done as well, none of it nearly as disruptive, all of it requiring planning and effort. And, of course, all of it taking away from the thinking required to do half-decent posts. Fortunately, FriendFeed doesn’t require that much thinking.)

Cites & Insights will probably be OK for this round. I have four essays in place, enough for a solid issue once they’re all edited. Good, because concentration is shattered enough to discourage entirely new essays.

The helpful hint

Self-adhesive stuff is great–e.g., cabling channels to enclose and neaten wire runs, where you just peel off some paper and the channels stick right to the wall.

But, as with pretty much everything else, there are always consequences.

In this case–one cable run to an absurd tracklight that a previous owner installed Gaia knows how many years ago, but at least 11, and another cable run for a wall-mounted stereo system (probably 6 to 8 years old)–the consequences came when we removed the cable runs so the walls could be repainted.

Guess what happens with that wonderful self-adhesive stuff?

It adheres. Mostly to the wall, partly to the channels. To the wall in thick enough quantities that you can’t just paint over it; you gotta remove it.

See Walt, with a thin-bladed screwdriver, slowly removing adhesive from wall (and ceiling, in one case) while, preferably, not destroying wallboard. It’s not actually an incredibly slow process (I figure about five minutes per linear foot)–but it sure is annoying.

Would we use self-adhesive channels and the like again? You betcha. The convenience more than makes up for the eventual consequences.

That’s my helpful hint for the (day? week?). Now, back to comforting the cats who are in the room with me–one totally hiding, the other mostly hiding, both grateful for the closed door between them and the noisy strangers outside.

Oh, by the way, if anybody cares how further sales for The Liblog Landscape are going–they aren’t. Four sales (all on Lulu) in February, none since February 24. This does help my eventual decision-making, unfortunately…

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