Only 14 shopping days left (and a change note)

14 shopping days for early birds

Want The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 for $22.50 (or $20 as a download)?

That price is good, only at Lulu, from now through January 15. After that, it goes up to $35 ($25 for the download).

If you really, truly hate shipping charges or avidly desire a book with an ISBN, you can buy the book at Amazon–but it’s already $35 there.

Why you should buy this book

…Let me say how great it is to see someone who tests hypotheses with data. And in a thoughtful way, not just reporting averages and percentages context-free and sitting back and waiting for the applause. Walt’s transparent about his methodology and why he made the choices he did.

I found this book to be a valuable read – and would think this would be the case for anyone interested in the liblog universe.

  • You’d like to see ongoing coverage of changes in the liblog landscape, and you recognize that–barring sponsorship–the only way that can happen is if people are willing to pay for the results.

A change note

As of now, as promised, Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples and Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples are out of print at

The two books are still available (at the links in the previous paragraph) as $20 downloads, and will be available until it’s clear there are no more sales.

Want the print book, beautiful cover and all? You can still buy them at Amazon–for now. (Again, until it’s clear there are no more likely sales.)

(Future research in these areas? I believe sponsorship is the only possibility. Neither book is anywhere close to a hundred copies, although Academic Library Blogs finally passed three dozen–and it would take at least three hundred sales to even semi-plausibly justify the work.)

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