Off to Denver, offline

Tomorrow morning (way too early, but I like the first flight out), off to Denver for ALA Midwinter Meeting. (My schedule, such as it is, is still here.)

Back next Monday afternoon, for a whole 38 hours before I go off to the airport to go to Toronto.

While I’m at Midwinter, I’ll be offline. (I don’t travel enough to justify a netbook, and there’s no way I’m taking the notebook that has all my stuff with me…it’s really a “notebook as desktop,” too heavy, and that’s too risky for my taste.) There’s a possibility I can check email or comments once or twice, but if the Internet cafe is anything like it usually is, I won’t–lacking the patience.

If you’re at Midwinter and want to chat:

  • I’m at the Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center
  • I should be at part of the LITA Happy Hour on Friday night (but probably not until 5:45 or 6)
  • I might be in the Hyatt’s lobby bar Friday evening and/or Saturday evening, but on the early side–I’m not one for late nights. (Which is one reason I’m not going to a Saturday evening dinner starting at 8: That’s at least two hours too late for my taste.)
  • Pretty good chance I’ll be at exhibits for a chunk of Sunday late morning and early afternoon.
  • And, to be sure, there’s the Bloggers Salon; I should be there by 6:30 and will stick around for a while unless it’s too noisy…

No posts for the next few days, unless something startling happens as I pack!

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