Mystery problem–any help out there?

Problem solved: see below (under the rule).

Yesterday, at my request, this blog was upgraded to WP2.7.

And I lost access.

After various experimentation (with Blake’s usual expert help), I’ve discovered that I can login via Google Chrome–but not via either Firefox or IE7, using the same username and password.

(Running Vista Premium, fully updated, if that makes any difference.)

Any guesses as to how this is possible–and how to fix it? (Until Chrome lets me override typefaces on websites, I’m not thrilled with it…)

Bad enough I have to use IE for one (and only one) site that’s retirement-related. Having to keep Chrome around for one very important site, namely writing to/maintaining this blog: That’s just too bizarre

Update: Thanks to Dorothea Salo’s suggestion, this problem has been solved.

She wondered whether I was accepting cookies. Which I was/am.

But then, a little semi-burnt-out light went on in this thick skull. And I went to FF’s cookie manager and deleted all cookies associated with this blog.

Shazam! I can now log in.

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