Visibility and the larger blogosphere (Liblog Landscape 10)

Here’s a precision grouping: What do Swiss Army Librarian, Ramblings on Librarianship, Technology, and Academia, Tinfoil + Raccoon and the pod bay door have precisely in common?

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Chapter 10: Visibility

Many blogging gurus (mostly outside the library arena) would say visibility is the most important thing for a blog–how many readers, how many ad impressions, how many links?

In previous studies, I’ve looked at it as an interesting factor–but also one that’s hard to judge externally. (Internally too: Given the way aggregators work, it’s hard to tell how many readers you actually have.)

This brief chapter discusses how I’ve looked at visibility in the past, what I did this time (and why it was only used as a lower limit for inclusion, not as an actual metric), why it’s getting even more difficult–and what I’ll do in future studies.

Chapter 11: Liblogs and the larger blogosphere

This very brief chapter looks at the 2008 Technorati State of the Blogosphere report and draws some comparisons between the liblog landscape and the larger blogosphere. Portions have already appeared elsewhere.

Who’s here, part 10

Fifty-one more liblogs (if I’m off by one or two, hey, counting while you’re marking to copy is hard):


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  1. genevieve says:

    Lovely, Walt! I get three index mentions! WOW. I think I’d better buy.

  2. Thanks so much for including my blog in your book! I look forward to reading it and exploring all of the wonderful liblogs out there! All the best to you.