The first-post semi-meme

And for the last post of the year (I do believe), why not pick up on a semi-meme/blog theme I’ve seen a couple of other places: Either the first post of each month (with comments) or the “best” post of each month.

No way I’m going to actually evaluate all of the year’s posts looking for “best,” but first–that I can do.


One small New Year’s Resolution (thanks, Dorothea)

The complexities of “hype email” and appropriate responses.


Civic engagement

On voting (the presidential primary) and civic engagement. I still won’t say who I voted for, but will say that I’m entirely satisfied by the outcome…


Does anybody (still) use Windows Me?

To my considerable surprise, the answer was “yes.”


Three years!

Since I started this “exercise in randomness” on April 1, 2005 (thanks to WP’s postdate capability), it’s reasonably predictable that this would be the first April 1, 2008 post.


Many distinctive local libraries

My grump about the “One big library unconference” and the idea of “one big library”–an idea I found dystopian at best. The post drew an interesting set of comments. (I just wrote but have now deleted a somewhat longer grump. Let’s just say I still don’t buy the idea.)

May was unusual in that there weren’t many posts–they all fit on a single WP archive page. (OK, so I was on vacation for the last week or so…)


Academic Library Blogs: Still available

Still true, still not selling worth a damn. So maybe it wasn’t a great idea…

Another month where all the posts fit on one archive page–and this included the end of the vacation and some rinkydink little library conference somewhere… Somewhere near Disneyland, if I remember right.


Back, sort of

A post-conference post, trying to recover from low preconference morale. Which I seem to be suffering again…


From awareness to funding-and more at PLN

An echo post. The next one was Part 1 of “Projects and rejects,” an extended navelgazing process.


Wikis and blogs-and more at PLN

Another echo post, and September was another “one-page month.” Not sure why (no travel), but maybe I was focused on, well, PLN and the book.


Liblog landscape: Opinions requested

I asked a question. I got good and consistent answers. I followed your advice. Good thing, too: the book would be unwieldy otherwise.


Listening and speaking, and challenges at PLN

A third echo post–and yes, you really should join PLN and use its resources!


Visibility and the larger blogosphere (Liblog Landscape 10)

You have 16 more days to buy Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 at the early bird price! (Yes, the download price will also go up on January 16.)

Oh, and happy new year…

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