Seasoned greetings

I don’t often do link posts, but sometimes…

John Scalzi posted “The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time” on December 1, 2004.

He’s linked back to it once in a while, including this year.

I didn’t start reading Whatever (Scalzi’s blog) until recently, so this is my first exposure to this list.

Go read it. And before you object “But wait! Where’s The Star Wars Holiday Special?”– well, read it again, and think about it a little (if you can stop laughing).

Then read the comments, including ones taking it Very Seriously.

As a Modesto boy, seems to me I have two choices for a proper seasonal special:

  1. The Star Wars Holiday Special, which should be nicely aged by this time (since it’s 30 years old), but I’m not sure that would help. (And there’s no way to buy a legitimate copy of this show; let’s just say George L. isn’t likely to release it on DVD any time in this lifetime…)
  2. A Christmas episode of either Buffy or Angel that includes Spike (yes, James Marsters is a Modesto boy)–but, as far as I know, there aren’t any of those. (I could be wrong about that for Buffy, since Marsters was on 92 episodes. I know of one Buffy Christmas episode, but Spike wasn’t in that one.) Oh well, Once More with Feeling might do in a pinch…

Let me make this clear: No, I am not under any circumstances suggesting that anyone send me a bootleg DVD of TSWHS. Dear Gaia, please, no. If you own such a thing, do Lucas’ reputation a favor and smash it into little pieces. Or not. Just don’t send it to me.

3 Responses to “Seasoned greetings”

  1. heather whipple says:

    There is a condensed, 5-minute versionof TSWHS online, for the uninitiated:

  2. There’s no particular problem finding a pirated copy of TSWHS. lists several.

    WorldCat, on the other hand, has none. Is it possible that no library in the world has a copy?

  3. walt says:

    Well, since there are no legal copies of TSWHS outside of George Lucas’ Vault of Shame, it’s only reasonable that no library owns up to having it.

    Quite apart from the little nicety that WorldCat does not by any stretch of the imagination cover every library in the world.