Sam, our elder (not elderly) cat

A few months ago, I posted a couple of pictures of Oz, our kitten, and his remarkable yawn.

Oz ain’t that slender any more, but still has the damnedest yawn I’ve ever seen.

But I’ve neglected Sam (sometimes Samwise, sometimes Sam as in Samuel Pickwick or some other Dickens character, mostly just Sam), who’s now our older cat. As with any cat we’d have, he’s a “rescue cat” and certainly not purebred, although he appears to be largely Maine Coon, including the remarkable Furry Feet (lots of fur under and between the toes).

Well, my wife the librarian and photographer has been using her Nikon digital camera from time to time, and caught Sam in these two pictures, which are wholly unretouched:

Sam 1


Sam 2

He’s 10-12 pounds, and has lost most of his paunch as Oz has gained one. Yes, there’s a connection…

3 Responses to “Sam, our elder (not elderly) cat”

  1. Laura H. says:

    Your cats are quite handsome!

  2. walt says:

    They are, aren’t they? And sweet–when they’re not being bad. They’re both indoor cats, so with luck we’ll have them around for quite a while.

  3. Abigail says:

    In our house, we have discovered The Law of Conservation of Cats: as one’s weight increases, the other’s decreases. It’s been true for 6 years now!

    Sam’s a cutie, in the dignified Maine Coon way.