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Libloggers from around the world wrote essays about the state of library-related blogs in their nations.It’s been a fascinating series. (I think it’s still ongoing–for one thing, despite the “.de” in the domain name, Germany isn’t yet represented.)

Thirty of those essays have been revised and combined into a book, LibWorld – library blogs worldwide. It’s a 211-page trade paperback. The Infobib people have priced it very reasonably–$16.96 (plus shipping) for the paperback, and you can download the PDF for free.

I’ve read most of the essays as they came out. (They’re all in English.) The editors asked me to write a Foreword for the book; I was pleased to do so. I think quite a few of you will find it (the book–and maybe the foreword) worthwhile.

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  1. CH says:

    Thanks for mentioning our project!

    1. I’m pretty sure that LibWorld will go on.

    2. We couldn’t lower the price any more, there are absolutly no earnings on this project.

    3. Some more informations about the LibWorld book can be found here.