Going out with a whimper

A few days ago, I posted something about PC Magazine going purely digital after the January 2009 issue. They see it as a transition, not the death of the magazine, and will only refund subscribers’ money if requested (but have offered to do so on request). I see it as the end of the magazine, although what continues on the web might be more valuable than what was left of the magazine at this point.

I guess I was expecting that the final print edition would be something special–maybe a thicker-than-usual edition with some closing thoughts.

It arrived today, and the title of this post gives you a clue. What a pathetic final issue! The thinnest issue I’ve ever seen, and actual articles (as opposed to “First Looks” and columns–with another reminder of why I won’t miss John Dvorak) don’t begin until Page 57 of 98, and are done by Page 72.

Sad. Maybe not surprising, but sad.

A few years ago, I’d have to devote two or three evenings to getting through the wealth of material in each issue of PC Magazine, and there were 22 such issues a year. Lately, one evening’s been more than enough (and they dropped to monthly last year). I guess that leaves another evening for books (or a shorter lag-time on other magazines); that’s OK by me.

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