A Library Carol: Too good to ignore

Once again ignoring my usual “no simple links” non-rule:

George Needham, Joan Frye Williams and half a dozen others did a special podcast for InfoPeople: “A Library Carol.”

It takes a little while to download (at least it did for me), and it’s something north of 20 minutes long. And worth every minute.

I may be influenced by the fact that my first “theatrical” experience in a short and wholly undistinguished career was in a grade-school presentation of A Christmas Carol. Can you guess which part I played? (By the time I was whatever passes for grownup and briefly involved in community theater, my acting qualities were apparent: I helped with sound and lighting.)

Oh–and don’t let the bright lights get to you. You know how it is with visual effects in podcasts…

2 Responses to “A Library Carol: Too good to ignore”

  1. Thanks, Walt. We had a heck of a good time doing this podcast, and I really appreciate your nice comments!

  2. walt says:

    It’s pretty clear y’all were having a good time–and doing a good job in the process. Funny how that works out.