The mystery of the disappearing bruises

So here’s the thing. Last night, we were walking back from a neighborhood restaurant–in the dark, but with flashlights.

Well, I got distracted somehow, and there are a lot of uneven spots in the sidewalks in our neighborhood (much of the mid-Peninsula has clay soil, and after an extended dry period, things move around a fair amount)…and kaboom!

Down on both knees, one hand and my forehead (and apparently tried to break the fall, too late, with my other hand–no visible abrasions or damage, but it sure does ache). Able to get up and walk home…and we probably won’t walk to dinner much any more until it’s spring again. Bloodied forehead (stripped about a 2×1″ patch of skin just above one eye), bloodied right knee (partly-stripped skin), bloodied left little finger (at the finger/hand joint and back side below the fingernail), a few splotches on the left knee. Oh, and a nicely-demolished area on the left side of the left lens of my wonderful, light, solar-gray glasses (I’m wearing a backup pair, but without solar-gray: it was about time to get my eyes examined anyway, although I wasn’t looking forward to buying a new $500 pair of glasses–once you add in solar-gray, the ultra-high-refraction plastic so I’m not looking through coke bottles with 9 diopter correction, graded bifocals, etc…)

And two big bruises, one on each side, from the knee about a third of the way down the thigh. We just said, well, those are going to look pretty awful for a couple of weeks…


That was around 7 p.m. We watched our usual Saturday movie. Around 10, got ready for bed, changed to PJs, looked at bare legs…

And the bruises not only weren’t worse, they weren’t there. The skinned and direct-impact areas were still as they were, but the big bruises had just disappeared.

This morning? Still gone.

My wife’s accusing me of being part vampire. I’m sure there’s a more sensible explanation, since we’re a few hundred miles north of where Sunnydale used to be…

Anyone heard of this? Bruises from direct trauma that just disappear over the course of a few hours?

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. (Well, about the need for an expensive new pair of glasses, maybe…and the need to find an optometrist/opthalmologist and go through the whole rigmarole. But certainly not about the disappearing bruises–or the fact that, after my wife assured me I’d have a whole lot more aches this morning than I did last night, I really don’t, unless you count my right hand and wrist.)

Well, that’s how my Saturday went. How’s your weekend?

[Coming very soon: The December C&I. It would be up by now, probably, but things have slowed down a bit. Today, though, I suspect. Tomorrow at the latest.]

2 Responses to “The mystery of the disappearing bruises”

  1. Steve Lawson says:

    Good grief! Glad to hear the bruises were gone. Hope the rest of you is healing as well.

  2. walt says:

    So-so. The bruises were little short of miraculous. Otherwise, it’s a slow process. For now, I’m somewhat headachey and tired, but still making sure I get in the daily walks and exercise…and at least getting some stuff done. (And we’ve already scheduled eye exams for later this week, so I can order new glasses.)