The 2006-2008 landscape (Liblog Landscape 2007-2008, 8)

What do David’s Random Stuff, Grumpator and Library Cloud have in common with a blog mentioned in a recent post?

The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: Introductory Offer

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The 2006-2008 landscape (chapter 8)

The last time I looked at a large number of liblogs was in the summer of 2006, considering 213 liblogs that seemed to be in “the great middle”–neither the most visible nor the least visible in the field.

This chapter looks at 143 of those blogs: Ones with at least two posts in each of the three March-May study periods. It’s a longer lateral study of a much smaller landscape–and a landscape that I don’t regard as necessarily typical of liblogs as a whole.

I believe there’s a significant conclusion from the subgroup, and that conclusion appears in the chapter–but it’s less firm than I’d like to be, because the group may not be representative.

What’s here, part 8

Moving right along, here are 51 more liblogs with the number of index entries for each one.


See page 59.

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