Hyperlinked list of blogs in The Liblog Landscape now available

I promised that I’d make the final list of liblogs included in The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look available–either as a spreadsheet including URLs or as a proper web page.

If you’re reading this post at the blog itself, look over to the right-hand side: You’ll see a new page listed there, “Blogs in The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008.” Otherwise, you can get to the page from here.

The page also appears on my personal website, but that version lacks the snazzy Greek-lettering name that Technosophia uses. (I’m using a very old freebie page editor and it doesn’t know Unicode from a hole in the ground.) Otherwise, it’s identical.

I did make it a little more than just a list of 607 hyperlinked names. There’s a set of letters (and one number) at the top, so you can jump directly to any part of the alphabet–and each set of names beginning with a given letter is a bullet list.

URLs are as they existed October 16-17 2008, when I did one final scan of blogs. Some of the URLs are already dead, to be sure, and others will change in the future.

The book? It’s coming along, but I’ll be setting it aside to focus on the PALINET08 conference, then on Cites & Insights for a while…

Update, January 28: I won’t be able to fix the version of this list that’s on my personal website until Thursday (I’m on the road, and only have PC availability at all because of the hotel’s net PCs). Additionally:

  • This list is not intended to be comprehensive. For example:
  • No blogs that began in 2008 are included
  • The only non-English blogs are those that were in my 2006 study
  • Blogs that have relatively little “presence” online–at this point, essentially, very few inbound links as reported by Technorati–don’t appear
  • Blogs that appear to be official library blogs aren’t included (that’s a fuzzy criterion)

This is not–NOT–a list of “approved” or “recommended” blogs. There are blogs on this list (not many) that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. There are blogs not on this list that I read. (There are quite a few blogs on this list that fall into neither of those categories–I don’t read them, for various reasons, but they’re clearly valuable for some people. For example, I don’t follow kidlit much but there are some great blogs in that area.)

Basically, this is nothing more than the 2008-2009 equivalent of the spreadsheets I posted in conjunction with the 2006 look at “the great middle” and the two spreadsheets posted in conjunction with the two library blog books–but it’s in a little more convenient form.

3 Responses to “Hyperlinked list of blogs in The Liblog Landscape now available”

  1. Steve Lawson says:

    Cool. Your alphabetical hyperlinks at the top are missing the “S.”

  2. Abigail says:

    Also–you are missing the letter H in the hyperlinks

  3. walt says:

    Steve, Abigail: Thanks!

    I think it’s fixed now. (If not, I’ll take care of it–and check the version at waltcrawford.name–on Thursday when I’m back home.)

    This happened through bizarre “help” from the old, free-and-worth-every-penny HTML editor I used just to change that alpha row to a heading level: It managed to screw up the HTML pretty well when I went to copy it into WordPress. In stripping out the garbage I missed some…

    (On the other hand, the process of turning two Excel columns, one with blog names and one with URLs, into a set of hyperlink bullet lists seems to have worked pretty well. I thought it would be “friendlier” than posting an .xslx file.)