Bloglines much improved

Following up on this post (and an intermediate post about an interim solution):

Bloglines is paying attention–and I should have filed a trouble report.

I started getting dupes this morning–that is, posts on both Bloglines and Google Reader. Checking “all feeds” this afternoon, I find that 41 of the 43 problematic feeds has now been restored, and I’m pretty sure they’re all working.

I believe that one of the other two feeds is a real problem, that is, a blog that has disappeared or gone wonky.

And having used both in parallel for a while…I still prefer Bloglines. I love Gmail, I use Google Search, I’m grateful for Google Book Search…but I like some diversity too.

One Response to “Bloglines much improved”

  1. Lazygal says:

    Walt, Lifehacker just posted (this morning or late last night) a “Bloglines is broken move to Google Reader” post – a few hours after my broken feeds started refreshing. Someone, some where, was listening!