Library newspaper columns and blogs – followup

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this request, with this followup.

I said that if I received at least two responses I’d write an article in the Library Success wiki and possibly the PALINET Leadership Network, also maybe a post here and something in C&I.

Well, I’ve written the Library Success page and a somewhat longer PLN page (including the prefatory material).

I’m not going to do a post with the results or write a direct C&I article for two reasons:

  • After three hours fighting with MediaWiki’s so-easy markup, I’m not about to translate all that back to HTML or Word syntax.
  • It would be redundant. You can link to either page.

Thanks to those who responded. If I get more responses, I’ll update the articles–but, of course, they’re wikis–people can update them themselves. For a small addition, it really is easy.

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