Liblog Landscape Phase 1 complete

As of a few hours ago, the set of liblogs to be used in The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral View is complete. I am not accepting new candidates.

The final set includes 607 blogs–thanks to a number of additions suggested by various correspondents and  one subtraction (David Lee King informed me that his old blog, since superceded, is now entirely gone–so I deleted the stub entry for it, of course leaving his current blog).

The page listing the 587 blogs up to September 4 has been deleted, replaced with a stub pointing to the LISWiki Weblogs page.

Thanks to those who provided new candidates–and particularly to those who actually read the criteria before sending in their own blogs for inclusion. I think the 21 additional blogs justify the one-week delay in starting Phase 2 (analysis and book-writing). A month ago (or so), in the throes of trying to do metrics for the first 573 blogs and deciding whether to add to that list (I got a grand total of 14 more blogs by going through blogrolls in 240 liblogs, which may explain why I didn’t go through all 573!), I set as a plausible milestone that I’d finish Phase 1 while I was still a lad of 62. I made it, with a few hours to spare…

I’ve added a new “Liblog Landscape” Category for those who may want to follow this project as it continues. I’ve retrospectively added tags for the first few posts, and will add new posts whenever it seems appropriate.


The offer still stands: If someone (library school, library-related agency, whoever) wishes to make this a sponsored project, I’d be delighted and will offer what I consider to be reasonable terms. If that happened, I’d make the resulting book free as a PDF and priced barely above production costs as a paperback, and would publish much more of the results in C&I (and at the sponsor’s site, if appropriate).

I will not, of course, be holding my breath…

Now, off to do the metrics on the last three or four additions and take a breather before beginning Phase 2.

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