Thanks, whoever you are

A funny thing happened this month at Amazon…

Balanced Libraries: Thoughts on Continuity and Change sold a few copies–not quite one per weekday, but close, very close.

That’s the first time the book’s sold more than 10 copies in one month since November 2007. (One copy sold at Lulu as well…) It’s the most copies it’s sold in one month since I made it available on Amazon.

I’m not sure why it’s happening, but I’m delighted. I think it’s still a good, worthwhile book, and worth the $29.50. (The Lulu version has a slightly truer cover and cream paper instead of bright white–but it’s hard to argue with free shipping from Amazon, and the CreateSpace/Amazon version is just fine and does have an ISBN.)

In case you love tracking “best seller” status, I seem to be at around 350,000. Hey, being anywhere in the top million is an improvement…

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