Test post directly from Word 2007

Doncha just hate test posts? Well, in this case, I really need to see how well Word 2007’s Blog Post feature works, since I’m writing a PLN article about blogs and wikis.
Modified: H1 clearly doesn’t work very well…but otherwise, it’s a winner.

Here’s quoted material.

Here’s a second-level heading.

  • One bullet point.
  • Another bullet point.

A link to PLN.

A little followup –done in WordPress, but I’m beginning to think that might not happen as often…(and that glitch with paragraphs vs. linebreaks just wouldn’t happen in Word).

I was aware of a “publish as blog” option in Word2007, but hadn’t actually tried it (guessing, perhaps wrongly, that I’d get the same CSS overload that I’d get with a direct copy-and-paste). That may be wrong, and I’ll have to try that later.

Meanwhile, I now realize that there’s also a blog template for creating new posts–and it works extremely well with standard blogging software. Once I registered the blog (basically provided the URL and knew it was a WordPress blog–there are several other software options), it’s pretty seamless, including bringing up my existing set of categories and bringing up my home page if desired.

And it’s producing minimalist HTML–almost precisely what WordPress itself would produce from the Visual editor. Except, of course, that you’re writing and editing in Word–which I find a whole hell of a lot more user-friendly. (I assume Google Docs will do this. Will OpenOffice? As transparently as Word does?)

OK, count me impressed. I could easily see using Word for all or most new posts. Now, about converting a Word document (which for me means a heavily-templated document) to a blog post: Well, we’ll have to see.

Now, back to the “blogs vs. wikis” article I’m writing…

2 Responses to “Test post directly from Word 2007”

  1. Rico says:

    I tried to set up an account in Microsoft Word 2007 and publish my blogs to WordPress, everything’s fine untill yesterday I tried to pulish a long post after I typed it in Word 2007. Word 2007 told me the post was published successfully. But When I opened my blog I found that there’s only the title left, the content was all empty. I check that post in Post Manage of the Admin, there’s only the title left too, the content was all empty both in Visual and HTML writers.

    I tried to publish several short posts from Word 2007. This time the contents were not empty, but at the begining of the post there was a “p”, and at the end of the post there was a “/p”. I found something wrong with the HTML tags, those “<>” were lost in the contents during the publishment.

    I reuploaded the xmlrpc.php and cleaned the blog.dotx file, but it didn’t work…

    Please, help me!

  2. walt says:

    I can’t offer help. It’s worked for me (a few times now, but I usually post as draft so I can check the post). But I don’t claim to be an expert on either Word or WordPress–and particularly not on relations between the two. I see that your blog is in an Asian character set, and wonder whether different levels of Unicode support between Word2007 and WP could have something to do with it…

    In any case, you need to consult someone who’s more than just a casual user.