Library newspaper columns – a second call

Last week, I posted this piece, asking who’s doing newspaper columns–and, better yet, archiving the columns on the library’s site (or somewhere) and maybe even mirroring the columns in a library blog.

I asked the same question on PUBLIB.

There have been a few responses. I will, as promised, create a Library Success Wiki page with the responses, probably do a roundup post here, possibly turn that into a Cites & Insights article (or part of an article)–and, depending on the set of responses, possibly make a PLN article out of it.

But I could sure use a few more responses! I don’t see doing the various roundups until some time in early September, so if you know of examples–your own or someone you can send email to–I’d love to have them by Friday, September 5, 2008. Send them to waltcrawford at or just append them as comments here or on the original post.


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